Theology and Media Culture

3 Years Full-Time – £6,000 p/annum

4 Years Part-Time – £4,500 p/annum

Level 4 (All modules are compulsory)
THE400 Study Skills & Critical Thinking
THE401 Biblical Theology
THE402 Christian Counselling Skills
MED400 Introduction to Media Culture and Trends
MIN400 Introduction to Christian Leadership
YOU400 Understanding Youth Ministry
Level 5 (Compulsory Modules)
THE500 Christian Theology
THE501 Apologetics
THE502 Hermeneutics
THE503 Research Methods
Two of the following will be offered
MED500 Sociology of Religion
MED501 Media in the Church
MED502 Media Practice and Psychology
Level 6 (Compulsory Modules)
THE600 Dissertation
THE601 Practical Based Placement
THE602 Apostolic Ministry in Today’s Church
Two of the following will be offered
MED600 Media and Mission
MED601 Spirituality and Popular Culture
MED602 Global Media and Entertainment