CRC has a support structure in place to assist students throughout their time in the College. This includes:

Personal Tutor
CRC operates an open door policy and students are encouraged to seek advice if they have any concerns about their studies. Students are allocated a support tutor who arrange regular meetings, either in small tutorial groups or on a one-to-one, where students can obtain information regarding their individual progress. In addition, students are offered an individual tutorial each term where progress is reviewed and any issues requiring extra support identified and discussed.

Peer Advice and Support
Students are actively encouraged to support one another. The student representative is often the first point of contact for students if they are experiencing difficulties or just have general queries about their course.

CRC has trained counselling available free of charge with whom students can obtain an appointment to discuss any personal concerns, anxieties or difficulties. This counselling is confidential and matters discussed do not form a part of the student’s records. Students, however, may be encouraged by their counsellor to seek the advice of the academic staff if their situation is impacting on the progress of their studies.

Students are made aware at induction that this opportunity is available and will be encouraged to seek counselling if any member of staff becomes aware of, or concerned about, a student.

Disability Support Service
CRC welcomes students with disabilities. Please contact the College office directly to ensure that your needs are accommodated.