How do I apply to join a course?

To apply to study at CRC, visit our website and click the apply button linked to the course you are interested in, then use our online forms to apply.

What is involved in the admission process?

The admission process starts with a submission of an application from you the applicant. The admissions team assesses your application and in some cases the applicant might be required to attend an interview as part of the admission process. Applicants will normally receive a confirmation of their application status within thirty days from the date of application.

Enrolment dates and requirements will be communicated to all successful applicants as part of this process.

When do we take admissions?

Usually, our admissions intakes are in September/January except for short courses (such as Christian practical ministry courses) that run all year long.

How much does it cost to study at CRC?

Our course fees range from £750 for certificate courses to £8500 for an MA programme. Please visit our fee page for up-to-date fee information.

How do I pay fees?

You can either fund your studies on your own or get a student loan with a student load company (SLC).

Can the college help me with my application?

While we can offer general guidance and advice on accessibility, students are encouraged to complete their application on their own, or work with a referring agent.

Does my SLC loan affect my universal credit or tax credits?


What if I do not qualify for student loans?

If you do not qualify for help with SLCs we will work with you to make a payment plan that is convenient for you.

What courses do we offer?

We offer a range of courses including short courses in Christian practical ministry, BTEC Business and Computing, Diploma in Education and Training, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with foundation year in Business or Theology, and Master’s Degree in Business or Theology.

What is the course duration?

Depending on what you are studying, our course durations range from 1- 4 years.

Who can study our courses?

Anyone is welcome to study on our courses provided you meet the entry requirements outlined on the relevant course’s page.

Which days do I study?

Some of our courses require you to attend classes in-person at the college between 1-2 days a week depending on your course of study.

Online courses are delivered on Saturdays for Christian practical ministry courses. Other courses with an online delivery component are delivered on evenings, weekdays, and Saturdays.

Can I study online?

Yes, for courses that are blended, hybrid, or fully online. For fully in-person courses, online learning allowance can be granted temporarily under extenuating circumstances (see below).

How many times can I join classes online?

There is a maximum allowance of 2 times per term, pre-approved under extenuating circumstances only.

How can I join classes online?

Send a request to student support by emailing

What time does teaching start and finish?

Classes start at 10am and end at 3pm for most of our courses except for a few that end at 5pm like our Diploma in Education course.

I am running late to class, what do I do?

Send an email to student support ( or call CRC on 02084294356.

How many days can I take off if I need to?

None. The college expects a minimum of 80% attendance from all students and must be notified of absences due to ill-health or other extenuating circumstances with supporting evidence. In such cases, please send an email to

Can I leave my class early?

No. However, students with extenuating circumstances may be permitted to leave class early by the lecturer in line with College policies. Such students must do so quickly and quietly without disruption to other students.

How do I get help with anything at CRC?

To get help with any issues affecting your study at CRC, fill the Get Help form to submit a help request.

How do I get council tax or other official letters?

To get council tax or other official letters, please fill and submit the form linked here. You can also speak to a member of the administrative team.

How do I access my school email?

To access your school email, please go to in a web browser and sign in with your college assigned email address and password. You can also find guidance documents on usage of your college Microsoft account here (requires sign in).

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

You can go directly to the Microsoft Teams webpage and use the app in the browser or download and install the version you need for your device. Make sure to sign in with your college email and password.

Can I rewatch a class I missed?

To catch up on a class you missed, go to your Team in Microsoft Teams and access recordings in the files section in the general area of the Team.

How do I sign in to the VLE?

Visit in a web browser and sign in with your college email and password.

How do I make a submission on the VLE?

To make a submission, follow the instructions in this video.

I cannot see my course on the VLE. What do I do?

Send an email to:

Theology students:

DET students:

Practical ministry students:

Business students:

How do I get a resubmission link for my assignment?

To get assignment resubmission links, email with a request.

I do not think I can submit my assignment on time. How do I request submission extensions?

Fill and submit the extension request form.

I cannot see my grades. What do I do?

Send an email to

I have missed my submission due date. What should I do?

Send an email to

How can I get feedback for my assignment?

In the VLE module page for the assignment, check the submission box and access the work submitted to view feedback after the tutor has assessed it.

How do I get my ID card?

Email students support through to request for it.

How do I get a TFL discount?

Apply for student oyster card on TfL website and update the college by sending an email to to approve your request.

How can I suspend my study?

Send an email to

How can I withdraw from a course?

Send an email to

What do I do if my registration is terminated?

Whether instigated by you or the college, you need to contact SLC to let them know you are no longer on the course. If it was done by you and you wish to resume, send an email to

How can I print documents at the college?

Option 1: If you have activated your CRC printing account, use the self-service printer in the resource room.

Option 2: Inform the front desk and send the documents to be printed by email to

At Christ The Redeemer College, we are committed to providing support that ensures staff and students have the best possible work and learning environment. 

While you can use the Get Help form to submit requests to the relevant departments, you might find it more convenient sometimes to send a quick email. Below are the most commonly needed email addresses.

CRC Departmental Emails

Administrative Department:


Accounts (or Finance) Department:



Facilities Department:

Human Resource(HR):

IT Department: /

Students Support (Business courses):

Students Support (DET course):

Students Support (Theology courses):

Students Support (Practical Ministries courses):