This document should be read in conjunction with the
College’s Admissions Policy

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between Christ the Redeemer College (“the College”) and you, a prospective student. By accepting the College’s offer of a place on a programme, you accept these Terms and Conditions in full, which along with:

(i) your offer letter from the College
(ii) the College’s rules, regulations policies and guidance located here (as amended from time to time), form the contract (“Contract”) between you and the College in relation to your studies at the College. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions or the Contract, please contact the College’s admissions office by e-mail at admissions@christredeemer.ac.uk

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to abide by any relevant professional bodies’ Terms and Conditions. If you do not act in accordance with the contract, or if you do not meet our expectations that you will maintain a standard of conduct which is not harmful to the work, good order or good name of the College, we may take disciplinary action against you, under the Student Disciplinary and Academic Misconduct Policies. One of the possible outcomes of such an action is that your contract with us may be terminated and you may be removed from your programme.

In the event of any conflict between a provision in these Terms and Conditions and the documents forming part of the Contract (including any professional bodies Terms and Conditions (if applicable)), these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence. To keep this terms and conditions to a reasonable length, the College refers to other documents which also form part of it. In particular we refer you to the General Academic Regulations which cover, among other
matters, student discipline, assessment regulations and appeals information.

2. Applications

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information you provide to the College (and any other body, for example the DBS) is true and accurate. If it is discovered that your application contains material inaccuracies or fraudulent information, or that significant information has been omitted from your application form, the College may withdraw or amend your offer, or terminate your registration at the College, according to the circumstances, without liability to you. In such circumstances, any deposit paid by you will be retained by the College.

The offer the College makes to you will be either conditional or unconditional. If your offer is conditional, the College will set out the conditions which you will need to fulfil in order to be admitted onto your chosen programme. If you have not fulfilled the conditions of your offer before the date notified to you in your offer or any other date notified to you, the College reserves the right to withdraw your offer.

You may be required, at the request of the College, to provide satisfactory evidence of your qualifications before admission. Failure to provide such evidence to the College’s reasonable satisfaction may result in the termination of your offer, the revocation of your registration as a student of the College and the termination of the Contract.

3.Conditions of Admissions and Enrolment

Your admission to the College, attendance on a programme, and a right to enjoy any of the privileges of membership of the College, including access to services and facilities, is subject to you complying with the terms of the Contract and enrolling with the College. If your programme lasts for longer than one academic year, you must re-enrol at the start of each academic year of your programme.

In compliance with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Guidance, the College outlines the following important information about your offer.

If the College offers an applicant a place and the offer is accepted, a contract will be formed between the applicant and the College. The applicant’s rights and obligations to the College and the College’s obligations to an applicant arising under that contract will be set out in the documents listed below, and these will form the Terms and Conditions of the student contract.

These documents are:
• The offer letter
• The undergraduate or Post Graduate Prospectus, as appropriate, for that specific year
• College’s Policies and Guidance
• The Course information and requirements set out on the College website for that specific year
• Programme requirements, which are shown for each programme on our website or VLE

Should there be any differences in any publications, the websites should be considered the most up to date and accurate authority.

Applicants also need to be aware of, and comply with, College policies, including:
• The General Academic Regulations
• College DBS Policy
• College Health and Safety Policy and Guidance
• General Conditions of Use of Computing and Network Facilities
• Data Protection Policy
• Equality and Diversity Policy
• Public Interest Disclosure Policy
• Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
• Student Expected conduct
• Fitness to Study
• Fitness to Practice
• Student Discipline and Academic Misconduct

All applicants who are offered an alternative course will receive specific communication explaining the reasons they have been unsuccessful on their initial choice,

Once the conditions are met and your place has been confirmed, you will automatically be sent information regarding Induction and Enrolment. The College reserves the right to refuse entry to applicants who have not completed satisfactorily all the requirements for admissions. Applicants who are unsuccessful may apply again in a subsequent year. Applications will be considered against the standard course entry criteria for that year of entry.

4.Class Attendance

In line with the Attendance policy, Students must attend Classes and on time. Lessons are as printed on Time tables (this may change from time to time). Absence from class will only be allowed due to prior documented permission and strictly in accordance with the processes outlined in the Attendance policy. Students who arrive 15 minutes late will be marked as ‘late’ on the attendance and any student arriving later than this may not be allowed into the lesson. Minimum expected attendance is 80% and unauthorised absences may lead to programme termination.

5. Fees

Information in relation to programme fees for the year that you intend to enrol can be found here. If you accept an offer, you agree to pay all programme fees (and other related costs and expenses), as and when they fall due, in accordance with the payment terms agreed by you and the College. If you fail to pay your programme fees, as and when they fall due, the College reserves the right to withdraw you from your programme. The College Debt Management Policy can be accessed here.

The College reserves the right to increase programme fees annually in line with inflation (including by amounts approved by external bodies including government departments or the Retail Price Index (excluding mortgage payments)) to take account of the College’s increased costs of delivering educational services. If the College intends to increase your programme fees it will notify you of this as soon as reasonable practicable.

You will not be deemed to have registered until your programme fees have been paid, a payment plan set up, or satisfactory evidence produced that such fees will be paid by a sponsoring authority or the student loan company. You will be personally liable to pay your programme fees if a sponsoring authority fails to do so.

In the event that your programme fees have not been paid in full by their due date, the College shall be entitled, but not bound to, refuse to admit you to continue on your programme of study and terminate the Contract (without incurring any liability to you).

The College may pursue legal proceedings in relation to non-payment of programme fees and certificates may be withheld for non-payment until fees have been paid in full. If you have any concerns regarding payment or require further information about your programme fees (including the refund of programme fees), please contact our finance office through finance@christredeemer.ac.uk

Further information about fees and funding are available on our website, alongside the Student Loans Company (SLC) and Office for Students websites.

6. Other Charges

In addition to your programme fees, you may incur additional expenditure on items such as (but not limited to) fieldwork, off-campus resources and specialist materials.

The provision of a facility or service may be subject to an additional charge (i.e. separate from programme fees). Where this is the case, we will make this clear in
advance and payment for such service shall be made in accordance with any additional contract made between you and the College. Details of any additional significant expenditure that you may be required to pay for can be obtained from the key fact sheets provided with your offer.

The College may pursue legal proceedings against you if you are in debt to the College. In addition, if you are in debt to the College (whether for tuition or other fees) you may be recorded as a debtor of the College in any reference requested from the College.

7.Cancellation Rights

You may cancel the Contract at any time in accordance with the information below.

In order to cancel the Contract prior to your enrolment at the College you must notify the College in writing at admissions@christredeemer.ac.uk.

After your enrolment, you must notify the College through the completion of the College’s withdrawal form which can be obtained through the VLE.

If you cancel the Contract prior to your enrolment in accordance with the clauses above and have made any payment under the Contract, then the College will provide you with a full refund as soon as reasonably possible.

After your enrolment, you may be entitled to a refund of programme fees if you have withdrawn within 14 days from the date of your enrolment.

8.Changes to your Programme

Due to the period between prospectus publication and enrolment, circumstances may change due to factors beyond the College’s reasonable control including, for example national emergencies and therefore it may sometimes be necessary to vary the terms or content of the programme or services.

The College will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, but if it is required to make any significant changes to the Contract or your programme (as described in your offer) before you enrol with the College.

The College shall bring these to your attention as soon as possible and if the proposed change are significant and you are dissatisfied, you may either cancel the Contract and withdraw from the programme without any liability to the College for the programme fees or transfer to such other programme (if any) as may be offered by the College for which you are qualified.

The College aims to deliver all programmes described in the prospectus or website. However, if there are not sufficient enrolments to make a programme or module viable, the College may cancel the programme or module. If you have received an offer for any programme described in the prospectus which the College discontinues prior to you enrolling at the College, the College will notify you as soon as possible and will endeavour to provide a suitable replacement programme for which you are qualified. If you are unhappy with the replacement programme provided by the College or if the College is unable to provide a suitable replacement programme, you may cancel the Contract and withdraw from the programme without any liability to the College for programme fees.

Further details can also be found on the policy section of the College website under Student Protection Plan.

Once you have registered as a student of the College, the College expects to deliver your programme as per the terms of the Contract, but if for any reason outside of the College’s control the College is forced to discontinue your programme, the College will notify you as soon as possible and use reasonable endeavours to transfer you to a suitable replacement programme for which you are qualified. If you are unhappy with the replacement programme provided by the College or if the College is unable to provide a suitable replacement programme, you may cancel the Contract and withdraw from the programme without incurring any further liability for programme fees.

Following reasonable consultation with students, the College reserves the right to vary elements of your programme from that described in the prospectus in order to improve the quality of educational services, in order to meet the latest requirements of a commissioning or accrediting body, in response to student feedback, and/or due to a lack of student demand for certain modules. If we need to make material changes to your programme (such as the nature of the award or in relation to a material aspect of the curriculum), we will notify you as soon as possible and, if you reasonably believe that the proposed change will prejudicially affect you, you may either cancel the Contract and withdraw from your programme without any further liability to the College for programme fees or transfer to such other programme (if any) as may be offered by the College for which you are qualified.

If you choose to cancel the Contract (and withdraw from your programme) in accordance with this clause, the College will use reasonable endeavours to assist you in finding an alternative comparable programme with another Higher Education provider in the UK.

9. Education Provision

The College will deliver your programme with reasonable care and skill, and explain the academic requirements of your programme to you.

You must use all efforts to fulfil all the academic requirements of your programme in accordance with the terms of the Contract, including submission of programme work and assignments, attendance at examinations and attendance at lectures, seminars and any other such teaching sessions provided by the College.

For the duration of your studies you must also use the virtual learning environments such as, but not limited to Moodle and Mahara, as well as the assessment submission portal Turnitin. You will need to ensure that you have appropriate hardware such as a tablet or laptop and access to Wi-Fi to enable to access the virtual learning environments.

You are expected to participate in the academic community, cooperating with fellow students to support each other’s learning, and responding to requests to give your opinion about your learning and other experiences at the College.

If you do not act in accordance with this Contract, or any of the documents referred to in it, the College may take disciplinary action against you under the student disciplinary procedures which can be found on the policies page of the College website: www.christredeemer.ac.uk.

10. Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the College you should follow the College complaints procedures which can be found on the College website and VLE: This policy and procedure have been produced to help the College resolve any complaint you may have as promptly, fairly and amicably as possible.

If, having followed the College’s complaints policy and procedure to completion, you remain dissatisfied; you have the right to make complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education.

If you are an applicant, you are not eligible to raise any complaints with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education under their rules.

11. Quality and Representation

You can expect the College to maintain formal College policies and procedures, including regulations, codes of practice and guidelines.

We expect you to familiarise yourself and comply with the relevant College policies and procedures, including those relating to your programme and the qualification you are working towards, and to read and understand information we provide about changes that may take place and what they mean to you.

We will give you the right to be represented in College governance, usually through the Students’ Union, and encourage and include student representation on relevant College committees, boards and task groups.

We regularly monitor the quality of learning and teaching offered as part of your programme and expect you to take up the opportunities we provide to enable you to give us your views and contribute to internal and external procedures for assuring the quality of learning, teaching and assessment.

12. Student Support

You are advised to discuss as soon as possible any support needs or disabilities that may affect your ability to study on the programme you have chosen. As much as possible, Christ the redeemer College will make every effort to provide student support accordingly.

13. Books and Library Facilities

You will need to research and study for each module of your chosen subject. Your programme handbook outlines each module and has some recommended texts listed. Students are advised to purchase key texts which can be sourced new or second hand online. The College Library also holds a limited stock of the key texts.

Students may also borrow books from the Library and return promptly for the benefit of other students. Where books are returned late, a charge will be levied accordingly. Lost or damaged books will also attract a replacement cost.

14. Printing, Binding and Photocopying

Students may request photocopies using the College photocopier for which a small fee is payable. You will be required to bind and present dissertations for which you will be responsible for paying and finding a suitable external provider for the service.

15. Accommodation
The College does not offer Student Accommodation. There are local agencies who may offer accommodation for rent.

16. Validated Programmes
The degree Programmes are validated by Newman University which will issue successful applicants with their final award. The awarding body for the BTEC
Programme is Pearson. However, it is the responsibility of the College to recruit students and deliver the programmes. The College provides students with academic tuition, support and pastoral care during their studies. The validation agreement sets out the responsibilities of both the university and the College and students may view it on request.

17. Openness, Accountability and Conduct

We expect you to share with the College in a timely matter any circumstances affecting your ability to study.

18. Liability

Whilst the College takes all reasonable care to ensure the safety and security of its students whilst on the College’s campus, the College cannot accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability, for the loss or damage to your personal property (including computer equipment and software). You are advised to insure your property against theft and other risks.

The College shall not be held responsible for any injury to you (financial or otherwise), or for any damage to your property, caused by another student, or by any person who is not an employee or authorised representative of the College.

Neither the College nor a student shall be liable for failure to perform any obligations under the Contract if such failure is caused by any act or event beyond the College’s reasonable control including acts of God, war, terrorism, industrial disputes (including disputes involving the College’s employees), fire, flood, storm and national emergencies (force majeure event). If the College is the subject of a force majeure event, it will take all reasonable steps to minimise the disruption to your studies.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit the College’s liability to you for fraud or wilful default or the death or personal injury caused by the College’s negligence. Subject to the foregoing sentence, the College shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable to you for any special, indirect or consequential losses.

19. Termination
The College reserves the right to terminate the contract and exclude you from the College if you willfully and persistently neglect your academic work to such an extent that there is no reasonable possibility of you having duly performed the work of the programme or being able to proceed to the next stage of the programme. You should also note that your progression on your programme and your final award are not guaranteed and are dependent upon your academic performance, the payment of programme fees and adequate attendance on your programme in line with the College’s general academic regulations.

If you have been excluded from the College, you will no longer be entitled to attend lectures, classes or seminars, use the College’s facilities or services, submit
assessments, take tests or examinations, or proceed to any degree, diploma or other award of the College.

20. Data Protection

The College holds information about all applicants to the College and all students of the College. The College uses the information provided by applicants and students (including information from application forms) to administer applications and to complete statistics about applications and students that may be published or passed to government bodies or to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). If your application is successful the College will also use the information to deliver your programme and provide educational services to you, to administer your studies, to provide you with College facilities and services, to monitor your performance and attendance, to provide you with support, to conduct research and to identify ways to enhance our business provision including learning, teaching, assessment and the broader student experience.

Photography and filming is carried out in accordance with data protection legislation. Photography and filming is carried out under the lawful basis of ‘legitimate interests’ with the exception of photography / filming for student assessments and identification purposes which are carried out ‘for the performance of contract’. Please read the privacy policy on the website.