Module Narrative

Module Title: Cross-cultural Youth Ministry
Module Code: YOU602
Level: 6
Credit Points: 20 Credits
Compulsory or Optional: Optional (Youthwork Pathway)
Pre-requisites/co-requisites: None
Excluded combinations or modules: Youthwork Pathway only
Mode of attendance: Mixed


This course will address the growing needs for leadership development and training in cross-cultural settings. The world around us has become a dazzling kaleidoscope of humanity, and the Church has the privilege of providing Christ-like leadership for
followers of Jesus in the midst of ethnic diversity. Both within Britain and in foreign
settings, leaders are called to minister with intelligence and sensitivity to intercultural
communities. Based on biblical, historical, anthropological and practical perspectives, lectures will focus the attention of students on their personal leadership development, the training of others, and general leadership strategies for global evangelisation.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:

1. identify and evaluate their own culturally-derived values and social roles paradigms, and discuss the legitimacy of the paradigms in which other cultures operate—as well as their potential for cross-cultural misunderstanding and/or conflict.
2. discuss the most effective means for the development of a personal servant leadership style in intercultural settings.
3. analyse key strategies for developing leadership skills among others in multicultural communities in both the home country and missionary contexts.
4. evaluate cross-cultural leadership principles through their practical application in a cross-cultural ministry context.

The course focuses on biblical, historical, anthropological and practical perspectives of cross-cultural leadership. Topics to be taught include Leadership in Anthropological Perspective Biblical Models of Leadership; Ministering across Cultural Barriers Incarnational leadership and leadership development; Planting Churches Cross-culturally; dealing with cross-cultural conflicts and cross-cultural theology.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

The course is to be taught through lectures. Regular reading of required textbooks in preparation for the lecture topic, enabling meaningful participation in class discussions is essential.

This course will be taught through the art of facilitation aimed at drawing out insights from students in response to stimulating readings, lectures and videos.

Class time will be used for a combination of lectures, discussions of qualitative research articles and practical exercises.

In addition to attending classes, students should be prepared to spend about another six hours per week on activities related to this course. These activities include reading the required and recommended articles of relevance to this course and preparing for assignments and preparation of an approved research proposal.

Tutorial time enables Tutors to give formative feedback on draft essays, guidance to students on developing their written work and constructive feedback on summative work. Independent study to supplement these activities is an essential element of the programme, including reading and producing the module assignments.

Assessment Scheme

• Essay plan (formative assessment)

• Book Review 1500 words (summative assessment)
• Essay 2500 words (summative assessment)

Assessment Weighting
Book Review 50%
Essay 50%


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