Module Narrative

Modular Title: Understanding Youth Ministry
Module Code: YOU400
Level: 4
Credit Points: 20 Credits
Compulsory or Optional: Required
Pre-requisites/co-requisites: None
Excluded combinations or modules: None
Mode of attendance: Mixed

This module is an introductory study in the historical development of youth ministry with a critical emphasis on the formation of a theology and philosophy of ministry to adolescents. It includes a study of the major models of youth work in church and community. Attention will be given to the related study of contemporary postmodern culture, understanding the unique needs of adolescents, and the application of basic programming models of ministry to youth.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:

1. discuss the basic history of the development of adolescent and youth ministry including the theological and philosophical basis for youth ministry.
2. Explore contemporary adolescent subculture in a postmodern matrix.
3. discuss the major models of youth work in church and community.

This module will call for the successful student to demonstrate:
4. an ability to develop skills in designing and implementing local church ministry to youth.

Topics include: Biblical Foundation for Youth Ministry; Models for Youth Ministry; stages of adolescent physical and psychological development and faith formation; understanding today’s youth culture and subcultures in the light of postmodernism; issues and influences in the United Kingdom context; models of ministry – church; Missions in Youth Ministry, Leadership and Administrative Skills in Youth Ministry.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Staff-led lectures introduce students to the curriculum. Electronic presentations; video presentations, guest speakers, discussions, written assignments and readings are also included.

The students will have the opportunity to explore the theology and philosophy of Youth Ministry as group work within diverse contexts of their group.

Each student will write an original paper describing his or her theological and philosophical basis for youth ministry.

Discussion groups act as a focus for further development of topics concerning contemporary challenges of Youth ministries in churches, enabling students to prepare for a summative essay of 2000 words.

Students will visit a youth work and interview students and then write a reflective report on their visit.

Tutorial time enables Tutors to give formative feedback on draft essays, guidance to students on developing their presentations and constructive feedback on summative work. Independent study to supplement these activities is an essential element of the programme, including reading and producing the module assignments.

Assessment Scheme

• Group presentation (formative assessment)
• Essay plan (formative assessment)

• Reflective report on visit to a youth work (1000 words) (summative assessment)
• Essay 2000 words (summative assessment)

Assessment Weighting

Job description and qualification list 40%
Essay 60%

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