Module Narrative

Module Title: Aspects of Church History
Module Code: MIN500
Level: 5
Credit Points: 20 Credits
Compulsory or Optional: Optional (Practical Ministry Pathway)
Pre-requisites/co-requisites: MIN400
Excluded combinations or modules: None
Mode of attendance: Mixed

This Module comprises a study of the origins and early and more recent historical developments of Christianity and the Church. It encompasses the first five centuries AD, the origins and impact of the European Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and the rapid expansion and diversification of global Christianity of the second half of the 20th century. A highlight of the module will be presentations by students on the history of development of their own particular expression of Church, particularly but not exclusively outside Europe and North America.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:

1. explain the origins and development of Christianity and its major doctrinal controversies of the first five centuries A.D
2. discuss the main reasons for, and consequences of, the European Reformation.
3. explain the rapid expansion and diversification of global Christianity in the second half of the 20th century
4. discuss the origins and development of Christianity in their own local country of origin

This module is designed to give the student a working knowledge and appreciation of the origins and development of Christianity in three different periods of history: the first five centuries AD, the European Reformation period of 1515 to 1660, the global expansion and diversification of Christian from 1950 to the present day. Students will also be expected to research and give a class presentation on the origins and development of their own Church.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

This course will be taught through the art of facilitation aimed at drawing out insights from students in response to stimulating readings, lectures and videos, guided reading, lectures and student presentations. The course aims to stimulate students to a greater awareness of the importance of Church History and to further personal study.

Discussion groups provide a focus for further development of topics concerning the impact of events and movements in Church History on Faith expression of today.

Tutorial time enables Tutors to give formative feedback on draft essays, guidance to students on developing their presentations and constructive feedback on summative work. Independent study to supplement these activities is an essential element of the programme, including reading and producing the module assignments.

• Essay Plan (formative assessment)
• Group discussion (formative assessment)

• Presentation & written report: 1000 words (summative assessment)
• Essay 2500 words (summative assessment)

Assessment weighting
Presentation and Written report: 50%
Essay: 50%

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Hastings, A. (ed.) (1999) A World History of Christianity. Grand Rapids:Mowbray.

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