The eGRANARY is a CRC resource that can only be accessed within any of our Christ the Redeemer Campuses. If you want more information go to our contact Page and send a request for help.

The eGRANARY is an Online resource available to any of the Christ Redeemer College students. eGRANARY contains over 1000 books to choose from on various subjects. Here is a quick guide on how to use it.

Step 1:

Open up the eGranrary Browser and Search For the subject you want to search for. For this example we will use the search query “Theology” which is shown in the following picture.

eGranary step 1

Step 2:

Once you have entered what you want to search for, hit the enter key. This will take you to a webpage that displays all the books and webpages eGranary. The following picture shows you an example of this. The arrow shows where to click if you want to access the book/resource you want. In this example we will get the content of the first result that is shown from our search.

eGranary step 2

Step 3:

There is no step three, once you have clicked on the link then you will have access to the files you need. So you can read at your leisure. The following picture shows what comes up once we clicked the link for our search.

eGranary step 3