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Introduction to Media Studies

Tutor: Dr Richard Adekoya

Introduction(Aims): This introductory module will offer students a critical foundation in relevant core literature, concepts, methods and perspectives. This course examines the role of communication media in the context of changing global realities. It will investigate the nature of media (journalism, advertising, information and communication technologies and the internet). This will include media practices (e.g. infotainment, reality TV), human issues and concerns (e.g. human rights, poverty, global climate change, pandemics, financial crises etc.), that cut across nations. The history of the development of mass media will also be included.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to explain historical relevance, common narratives and compelling theory to illustrate media trends.
  • Understand how to discuss the major trends and challenges in media and communication and identify appropriate theoretical frameworks by which to assess them.
  • Understand how to evaluate changes in the communication order over time as competing global media influences emerge

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