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Introduction to Counselling

Tutor: Rev Tim Wilkinson

Introduction(Aims): The principal aim of this course is to introduce the students to the concept and principles of counselling, broadly speaking. At the end of it, students should be able to clearly define Counselling. They should also be able delineate and differentiate Christian Counselling from secular counselling, with emphasis on fundamental elements that make Christian counselling unique and peculiar. Students will be expected to clearly differentiate between formal counselling, as in the secular setting, or professional Christian counselling, on one hand, and informal counselling, such as in Pastoral counselling. Students will learn basic knowledge of the forms of communication that would enable them to discern what the counselee is communicating to the counselor, both passively and actively. Basic listening and questioning skills will be taught that enable students to gather information from Counselees effectively, as helpers, in counselling. Some basic Secular and Christian Models will be highlighted. Students will gain understanding of the biblical view of man and its application in Christian Counselling. Basic knowledge and skills used in Relationship Counselling, within the context of Christian Counselling, will be taught.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between Pastoral Care and Christian Counselling
  • Explain the basic differences between Pastoral care and Christian Counselling
  • Understand the major models of secular and Christian counselling
  • Evaluate the theological and Scriptural basis for Christian counselling approaches
  • Demonstrate listening skills
  • Replay and evaluate what they have heard, through words, body language, etc.
  • Understand and demonstrate the particular counselling skills required in relationship counselling.
  • Evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of their skills in enabling their counselees to resolve their relationship situation

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