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Tutor:Deputy Rector – Dr. David O. Akomolafe

Introduction (aim): It is often said that ‘the church rises and falls by preaching’1 Homiletics is the art and science of preaching. The Homily is a brief series of observations and exhortations based on a short passage of Scriptures. The topical sermon brings together what scripture teaches as a whole on a given subject. The textual-topical is anchored on a biblical text such that the development of thought is akin to that of a topical sermon (the inverted Pyramid?). The textual sermon consist of a verse or two in which the development of main points falls out of the word order of the text (the text dictate the configuration of the sermon. The expository sermon draws both the main points and the sub points from the natural thought unit of the text. Whatever form preaching may take, our charge and challenge are to preach biblically because of what we believe about the bible


  • Show knowledge and understanding of the art of preaching
  • Explore the methods behind the art of preaching

Online Application Form

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