The RCCG General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, has mandated that every pastor and minister in the RCCG should undertake an annual refresher course to enhance their effectiveness in ministry.

Christ the Redeemer College has been mandated by the RCCG UK Executive Council to develop a CPD training programme that would embed the RCCG UK FREGH Vision values (Family / Reproducing / Emerging Leaders / Governing Church / Healthy Church) in the leadership structure of the parishes in RCCG UK.

The college has put together a comprehensive course curriculum that will enable pastors to implement the requirements of FREGH in their ministries.


The course comprises of six modules. They are:

  • Core Values, Church Culture and FREGH
  • Emerging Leaders Development and Empowerment
  • Ministry, Church Planting, and Indigenisation
  • The Church, Society, and Governance
  • Developing Healthy Churches
  • Developing Healthy Family and Church Relationships


  • Each module will be delivered over two hours of intense and interactive sessions.
  • Two modules will be delivered each day.
  • These will be delivered in two sessions per day, over three Saturdays with a fourth Saturday devoted to the RCCG UK Chairman’s address, course review, fellowship, prayers, and certification.
  • Delivery will be virtual, and attendance will be taken during each session.
  • Participants are to register online on the college registration platform.


  • Delivery is on Saturdays with dates announced to each cohort.
  • Daily sessions will hold as follows:
    • Morning Classes:
      • Session 1: 9.30am – 11.30am
      • Session 2: 12.00pm – 2pm
    • Evening Classes:
      • Session 1: 2.30pm – 4.30 pm
      • Session 2: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Participants may choose weekly sessions that best suit them.
  • Certification would require 100% attendance unless otherwise permitted by the RCCG UK Chairman.
  • The certification ceremony, review, fellowship, and Chairman’s strategic address will take place as part of programme completion.


  • Each participant is to contribute £250 for the course to cover materials, facilitation, and certification.
  • Parishes are encouraged to pay for their pastors to attend as part of the approved annual training costs.
  • This is part of the annual professional development for pastors – a requirement for pastors’ annual appraisal for recognition.


  • The course will be facilitated by carefully chosen academics and practitioners that have made a mark in their areas of expertise.
  • The interactive nature of the delivery is designed for engagement and active participation.
  • The holistic approach is to enable understanding, commitment, and transmission to workers in the various parishes.


Every pastor in the RCCG UK:

  • that desires to improve their capacity to engage in revival in this nation.
  • that believes in the values of FREGH and would like to embed these in their ministry.
  • that desires to have an effective ministry in the 21st Century UK society.