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Dr. David Akomolafe

Tutor: Dr. David Akomolafe

Most commentators on Christian family affairs and family relationship would agree that there is a need, in the contemporary society and today’s church, for a revival of the Christian Home, the latter being where the next generation is being molded. It is equally believed that, a strong Christian home would immensely contribute to spiritual strength of the young people, just as a poor home would hinder their development. The influence of the Christian home, is therefore very fundamental to the spiritual development not only of young people, but also that of the general Christian community and, by extension, the wider society.

It is not difficult to understand that if we are to effectively evangelize the world in which we live, then we need to build a strong army of believers and this can only be done by ensuring that believers are imparted with the fundamental values and teachings of Christianity right from the beginning of their lives – at the family level. The focus of this model is to help believers to know how to apply themselves effectively in marital and family relationships, as well as building a strong Christian family homes, where children and young people can thrive and grow up to fulfil their purpose in life, as strong Christian men and women in the society.

Learning Outcomes

  • Show knowledge and understanding of the Biblical view of Christian family.
  • Have knowledge of the various challenges and potential conflicts that could arise in contemporary Christian family.
  • Show knowledge and understanding of the Biblical view of Christian relationships.
  • Describe the Biblical principles for the development of healthy Christian relationships.disabled, elderly, single parents, youth, and ethnic minorities
  • Identify potential areas of conflict in a Christian family and suggest how these may be addressed Biblically.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the influence of the society on contemporary Christian family.

Online Application Form

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