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Dr. David Akomolafe

Tutor: Dr. David Akomolafe

The study of church history covers a very broad spectrum. Since history deals with the past to the present or the study of the past in relation to the present in order to project the future, the church history deals with a two thousand year study of how the Church began up to the present time.

In view of the large scope of this course and in view of the limited time available, emphasis will be on the events that prepared the way for the Church, the birth and history of the early church. We shall also limit our discussion on the origin, growth and expansion of the Church. This will be based on the Bible especially the Acts of the Apostles, the Persecution, death of the disciples of Jesus Christ, the period of the Apostolic Fathers, the rise of Monasticism, the period of the Protestant Reformation and the development of the Church, finishing with its evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have knowledge of the Inter- Testamental period and background to the events of the New Testament.
  • Evaluate the influences of other cultures in the formation of the environment of the New Testament.
  • Have a knowledge of the development of the early church and its evolution up to the time of reformation.
  • Describe some of the successes and setbacks of the early Church from the first century to the Reformation and briefly analyse one such development.
  • Have some understanding of the Reformation and some of its consequences.
  • Evaluate the effects of the Reformation on the mission of the Church.

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