Christ the Redeemer College (CRC) is aware that students, having begun a course of study with us, may wish to transfer to another course of study either within CRC or at another college. Also students may have begun a course at another institution and wish to transfer to CRC to complete their studies. CRC will give students wishing to transfer every assistance with this.

Transfers between programmes within CRC

CRC recognises that some students may decide to change their chosen programme after it has started. To transfer to another programme is possible in most instances. Students seeking to transfer should be aware that he/she must be accepted onto the new course and there may be conditions set. In the first instance students considering transfer should talk to their personal tutor. If they decide to proceed with the transfer, they should then speak to the Rector who has the final word on the feasibility of that transfer.

Transfers to a programme in another college or university

CRC recognises that some students may decide to transfer to a programme at another university. Students who are currently registered at CRC and who wish to transfer to another university must first enquire at that university. Transfer may be possible, but students must meet the entry requirements of the programme they wish to transfer to at that university. If the programme a student wishes to transfer to is similar to the programme at CRC, then it may be possible to transfer the credit he/she has already received at CRC. A student should obtain a transcript showing the grades achieved. If a student meets the requirements of the programme he/she wishes to transfer to then they should contact the admissions dept at that university for advice on transferring.

Transfers from a programme in another college or university

CRC will consider transfer students who have completed part of their studies in another University.

Students should firstly Check that they meet the entry requirements for their preferred course at CRC. They must obtain a reference for their application from one of their current university tutors.

Differences in modules between the current university and CRC will be considered by staff at CRC who will decide what module grades or credits are applicable to the programme a student wishes to undertake.

Financial implications of transfer
Students should take into consideration possible financial issues that could arise from their transfer and are advised to contact the Student Loan Company if they are in receipt of funding before making their final decision.