The College recognizes it has a duty of care to its staff, students and visitors.

External events give valuable opportunities for external speakers to present diverse opinions essential for learners’ academic achievement. CRC has regularly hosted visiting speakers from the UK and other parts of the world. This policy contains a framework for visiting speakers to come to the college and enrich the events and activities, bringing to our students a variety of academic opinions which can lead to debate and discussion.

This policy covers all events that take place on our premises or off campus where we are hosting the event at other venues. To manage this process an external speaker booking form must be completed.

Management of speakers and events
Events where external speakers are invited to address learners, members of staff and visitors must:
1. Comply with this policy.
2. Safeguard the reputation of the college
3. Be lawful
4. Ensure the Health and Safety of all members of the college community, buildings and equipment.
5. Support good relationships within the college and the community.

Monitoring of events
1. As a Christian institution it will be at the discretion of the college whether the premises can be let to external organisations.
2. Requests for External speakers must be submitted using the appropriate form (attached) to the Rector at least 2 weeks before the event.
3. The event organiser (staff or student) must ensure this policy is adhered to and ensure that an assessment of the speaker is made using the booking form.
4. There must be sufficient information on the event and speaker and topic to allow for sufficient checks to be made by CRC. Two weeks’ notice is required in order for these checks to be made and for the event to be cancelled if necessary.
5. All talks may be recorded by CRC to prevent the abuse of trust.
6. A member of staff may be present at all times during the event.
7. Failure to comply with this policy is a serious matter and may be subject to disciplinary procedures using CRC’s disciplinary policy.

Booking Process for External Speakers
1. All requests for external speakers are to be submitted to the Rector using the appropriate form at least 2 weeks before the event.
2. References may be required.
3. The Rectors decision is final.

Title: External Speakers and Events Policy
Approved with reference to: QAA Quality Code. Version: 2020.2. Approved: January 2022. Implementation from: August 2022. Next review: September 2024. Approving body: Academic Board. Member of staff responsible: Compliance and HR Manager