Module Narrative

Module Title: African Pentecostal Theology
Module Code: MIN601
Level: 6
Credit Points: 20 Credits
Compulsory or Optional: Optional (Practical Ministry Pathway)
Pre-requisites/co-requisites: None
Excluded combinations or modules: None
Mode of attendance: Mixed

The course is an overview of Pentecostalism in Africa and will address the dynamics that led to the rise of the Pentecostal movement around the world. The lens through which this course will be examined include the history of Pentecostalism, the sociology of Pentecostalism, the theology of Pentecostalism and the globalization of Pentecostalism in Africa.
Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:

1. Critically review the history of global Pentecostalism, with particular emphasis on its history in the African continent
2. discuss the sociology and theology of Pentecostalism in Africa
3. critically evaluate the present expression of Pentecostalism in Africa
4. Evaluate the contribution of key people and agencies to these movements worldwide
This module will call for the successful student to demonstrate:
5. an interdisciplinary approach to the study of new religious movements.

Origins of Pentecostalism as a Protestant Revival moment in North America and Europe in the early 20th century; its theological, social, and cultural origins and characteristics; its global transmission in the early 20th century through missionary and print proselytising; the advent of Pentecostalism to Africa in the early 20th century and its development up to the present day; the relationship between Pentecostal Christianity and African religions, with a special focus on healing, prosperity and spiritual warfare; the Postcolonial African state and the social agenda of African Pentecostalism; Pentecostalism as a form of globalization in Africa; African Pentecostals’ use of media, including internet, TV, video, cinema and mobile phone technology; the African Pentecostal diaspora, with particular attention paid to African and Afro-Caribbean Pentecostal churches in the UK.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy
Staff-led lectures using video clips will focus on the scope of and major issues in African Pentecostal theology.

Student-led discussion groups (formative assessment) provide a medium for further discussion of people and agencies that have contributed to the spread of African Pentecostal theology.

Students prepare an essay plan before completing a 3000 word essay (summative assessment) on a major issue in African Pentecostal theology.

Tutorial time enables Tutors to give formative feedback on draft essays, guidance to students on developing their presentations and constructive feedback on summative work.

Independent study to supplement these activities is an essential element of the programme, including reading and producing the module assignments.

Assessment Scheme

• Student-led discussion groups (formative assessment)
• Essay plan 500 words (formative assessment)

• Individual or group presentation and a 1000 word reflective report (summative assessment)
• Essay 3000 words (summative assessment)

Assessment Weighting
Presentation 50%
Essay 50%

Core Text
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