Module Narrative

Module Title: Reflections in Applied Theology and Christian Ethics
Module Code: MIN600
Level: 6
Credit Points: 20 Credits
Compulsory or Optional: Optional (Practical Ministry Pathway)
Pre-requisites/co-requisites: None
Excluded combinations or modules: None
Mode of attendance: Mixed


This module explores the inter-relationship between Christian theology and ethics. It introduces students to options in ethical theories and encourages them to apply their theological understanding to ethical issues confronting society today. Attention is given to contemporary issues in health and social care, politics, sexuality and environment.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to:

1. critically evaluate contemporary ethical theories from a theological viewpoint
2. critically evaluate ethical issues from the perspective of Christian theology.
3. apply Christian approaches and solutions to ethical issues in society

This module will call for the successful student to demonstrate:
4. an independent critical approach in engaging with contemporary issues


The Biblical foundation for Christian ethics with focus on the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles; contemporary ethical models and approaches; principles involved in making ethical decisions; issues in Contemporary Christian ethics such as health and social care, politics, sexuality, media and environment.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Staff-led lectures examine theological issues arising in ethical decisions and the various related controversies. Further interactive lectures consider the application of Christian approaches and solutions to ethical issues.

Student-led discussion groups (formative assessment) will allow students to engage further with contemporary options in ethical theories and differing views of ethical decisions.

Students prepare an essay plan before completing a 3000 word essay (summative assessment).

Tutorial time enables Tutors to give formative feedback on draft essays, guidance to students on developing their presentations and constructive feedback on summative work.

Independent study to supplement these activities is an essential element of the programme, including reading and producing the module assignments.

Assessment Scheme

• Student-led discussion groups (formative assessment)
• Essay plan (formative assessment)

• Individual or group presentation on critical appraisal of one ethical theory and a 1000 word report (summative assessment)
• Essay on critical discussion of a contemporary ethical issue, 3000 words (summative assessment)

Assessment Weighting

Presentation and report 40%
Essay 60%

Learning Materials

Core Text
Geisler, N. L. (2010) Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Options. (2nd ed.) Grand Rapids: Baker Academic.

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