QAA Action Plan 2018

Recommendation, Affirmation or Good Practice Action to be Taken Date for Completion Action By Success Indicators

Ensure that each committee operates according to its terms of reference and its membership (Expectations A2.1; B1)

3 committees (Quality, Enhancement and Curriculum committee, Admissions & Recruitment committee and Publications committee) were restored in April 2016 with a mandate to meet each term or more frequently as required and to report to the Academic board. Committees were restored in April 2016 and are active and report to the Academic Board. These are ongoing and have continued in 2018. Chair of each committee Committees meeting regularly and reporting to the Academic Board.

The dissemination of information at annual monitoring.


Introduce an overarching annual monitoring process which covers all the higher education provision (Expectation B8)

The annual monitoring process currently covers both the Middlesex and Roehampton Provision. The final report for Middlesex was for the 2016-7 academic year. However, there is another final annual monitoring report due for Middlesex in 2018 as one student applied to complete her dissertation. As the course is phasing out this will be a reduced report. Roehampton students were recruited for 2017-8 and an annual monitoring report is due in October 2018. There are no other courses at present. Information from the reports will be discussed and disseminated at the Academic Board. October 2018 Middlesex final report.

October 2018 Roehampton first report.

Institution Link Tutor Senior staff will be aware of strengths and weaknesses of each programme.

The dissemination of this information will lead to improvement and enhancement of the student learning experience.


Ensure the currency of all information on the College’s website (Expectation C)

An IT specialist has programmed a new website for the College and ensured its security. This took place in 2017-8.

Information for the new website is consistently under review by the Publications committee. Currently work is being done on the VLE to update it with the information needed for the 2018 academic year.

Updating will be ongoing throughout the academic year. Publications committee chair The information on the new website will be current.

The website will be secure.

The VLE will be easy for students to access.


Ensure a deliberate, explicit and systematic approach to Enhancement (Enhancement).

The Academic Board considers systematically the information presented by staff and students. The 3 committees (Quality, Enhancement and Curriculum committee, Admissions & Recruitment committee and Publications committee) are an integral part of the systematic generation of information. Students are an integral part of the process and continue to be represented at Board level and also contribute via Board of studies and student surveys. Good practice and enhancement initiatives will be identified and applied. Monitoring of the process will take place and resulting initiatives will be implemented. The college identified the need to enhance the website and VLE. (See above). 3 committees continue to meet each term and have student representation.

The process is monitored by the Rector and Quality Assurance Manager who are responsible for implementing the enhancement process.

As part of continuous improvement students’ representatives have been invited by the college Governing Council to join their meeting on 11th October. This is expected to be an annual practice.

Rector, Quality Assurance Manager, Academic Board. Systematic consideration of information leading to opportunities for further improvement and identification of good practice.

Resulting initiatives will enhance the student learning experience.

Affirmation of action taken:

The steps being taken to ensure consistency in marking through staff training (Expectation B6).

Roehampton University arranged a staff training day in Sept 2018 for all academic staff. Sept 2018 Staff and University Link Tutor. External Examiner report July 2019.
Good practice:

The comprehensive support given to students for writing dissertations, in particular the Dissertation Guidance Starter Pack (Expectation B4)

Currently there are no 3rd year students undergoing dissertation. However, the Research methods module was moved into year 2 of the Roehampton programme and students will do the module this academic year giving them more time to work on their dissertations in year 3. The student cohort will be supported in writing dissertations using the Dissertation Guidance Starter Pack. Distribution to students at end of Research Methods module April 2019. Dissertation tutor and supervisors. Dissertation results at the assessment board in June 2019.
Good practice:

The effective management of work placement learning which enhances the learning experience for students (Expectation B10)

Placements will be managed by placement supervisors and teaching staff using the existing placement guidelines.

The Roehampton University programme placements will take place in year 3 and will be subject to rigorous management. Placement guidelines will be modified if necessary in the 2018-9 academic year to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Placements completed April 2019. Module leader and placement supervisors. Placements successfully completed in 2019-20 academic year.
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